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the Other Side of the BRUSH

Bright with Color and Bold with Creativity

Short North Sumer Spray 2020 MRROBOTGEEK HIMSELF_edited.jpg


Robert Williams, aka MRROBOTGEEK, is an artist that specializes in Tattoos and

Painting,but is also versed in fashion & illustrations design and body modification. Since a

young age he has been immersed in art,fashion and tattoos and by the age of 19 was

working in a tattoo shop. Robert has always sought for ways to identify and upon

classifying it as "Expressionism cubism®, his has been cohesive and had a powerful

message throughout his art.

He has recently done live painting and first Friday exhibitions with the Columbus

Museum of Art, exhibitions in The Kee, and 83 Gallery in Columbus, OH


Creative style and Easy to work with.



ECG Art Alzheimer's Association 

Live Painting for the "Forgive me not Auction" to benefit Alzheimer's.


Bar Art Music Columbus Museum of Art 2023 ‘live painting “

Live painting for the Columbus Museum of art for the summer event. 


The Go Forth for Short North Alliance 2022  

Live painting with the public.

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